Woman's 'perfect' cheese-cutting hack ensures 'even slices' every time

Grilled sandwich with cheese on a plate.
Grilled sandwich with cheese on a plate. -Credit:SHARED CONTENT UNIT

A woman has been branded a "genius" for her cheese-cutting hack that promises neat slices each go.

Anyone who's tried cutting cheese by hand knows it can be quite the hassle, often resulting in uneven slices with some too thick and others wonky. However, one clever woman has come up with a brilliant solution.

Bella, known as @paperbelle on social media, has earned praise for her "genius" cheese-cutting technique which forgoes the usual knife. In a viral TikTok video, watched over 180,000 times, the mum demonstrates she uses a potato peeler to slice her cheese.

Challenging her audience, she said: "You mean to tell me you've never used a peeler to peel your cheese?"

The Australian influencer then exhibits her method, gliding the peeler over a block of cheddar to produce a thin, consistent slice perfect for sandwiches, reports the Mirror. Bella explained: "I have done this my whole life. My whole family does this. And you do it because you get a really even cheese slice."

She then showed off her flawless slice to the camera, declaring: "See? It's perfect." Additionally, Bella mentioned in her post: "As someone who consumes a lot of cheese on toast, I can confirm that this is the ultimate way to slice cheese."

TikTok users were astonished by the hack, with the comments section brimming with those hailing it as a "game-changer". One astounded commenter wrote: "You've changed my life! Whaattttt?!".

One looker-on expressed their admiration, stating: "This is lowkey genius," whilst another chimed in with equal gusto, exclaiming: "Omg it's genius! Doing this from now on!".

Surprised by the simplicity of the hack, another person voiced their amazement, questioning: "How do people not know this? " Yet some users proffered even simpler solutions to the task at hand.

One advised her to merely acquire a Norwegian cheese slicer as it would serve an identical function. Meanwhile, others observed that cheese graters are already equipped with a slicing side.

A user counselled: "I recommend a Norwegian cheese slicer," and another pointed out: "You know the grater has a slicing side?".

In defence of her method, one woman declared: "Why are people telling you to get a 'real' cheese slicer when this obviously works fine." Bella responded to the ongoing argument, remarking: "People are very passionate evidently."

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