Woman's 'vile' find in Aldi mushrooms


The mother claims she threw up her food after being confronted with this sight. Source: Natalie Blake‎/ Facebook

A mother claims she felt physically sick and was in shock after she noticed something odd while eating mushrooms she bought from Aldi.

Natalie Blake‎, complained to Aldi UK on Facebook, and shared an image which she claims shows maggots squirming around inside her food. 

She labelled the discovery “vile” and added she had already eaten some of her meal before being confronted with the stomach-churning sight.

“After enjoying one I ate half of the other and noticed something odd, I turned the mushroom over and took the top layer off to discover this site inside,” Ms Blake wrote online.

“After vomiting my whole tea up I am in shock that this could happen in this day and age.”

Ms Blake said she normally shops at the store in Dovecot, Liverpool and bought a large packet of mushrooms the other day which had a good best before date on them.

The woman claims she had put them in the fridge after buying them and told one person on Facebook “they looked perfect”.

Ms Blake posted about her “vile” experience online earlier this week. Source: ‎Natalie Blake‎/ Facebook

She explained to prepare the meal she put them straight in the oven with some melted cheese on top.

“The maggots where under the top layer of the mushroom so I only noticed once I cut them up. They were cooked whole,” she explained to one Facebook user.

The Aldi UK Facebook Team responded to the customer’s post and thanked her for bringing it to their attention.

“We’re very sorry to see this. Please can you send us a private message with details of the store you purchased the mushrooms from so that we can discuss it with you further?” the Aldi UK Facebook Team wrote.



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An Aldi spokesperson said: “Our growers have strict quality procedures in place and we have never received a complaint of this nature before. We are looking into this with our supplier to understand how it could have occurred.”

Ms Blake has also been offered a store voucher and refund of the mushrooms, according to the news outlet. 

The mum told one person on Facebook the incident won’t stop her going to Aldi because she “likes it there,” but said to another she can’t stop thinking about it.”

She also said to others she will not be eating mushrooms again – or at least for the foreseeable future.

“Fuming cos I love them,” Ms Blake wrote.