When do we find out who won General Election? Key timings you need to know for tonight

Elections have taken place across Yorkshire
-Credit: (Image: Yorkshire Live)

As the General Election is underway with people all over the country voting for who they want to run the country, many will be keen to know when to check to see the results.

The polling stations will close at 10pm. The exit poll will then be announced, giving the UK its first solid indication on the night of the way the election will go.

The exit poll has a rich history of producing an accurate projection of the final result. While this is being announced, the ballot box at each polling station will be transported to centralised venues.

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The count, for each of the 650 constituencies, will take place throughout the night. From 11pm, the smaller constituencies will likely be announced.

Then from midnight, we'll begin to see an influx of more results coming, giving us a clearer picture of how the election will unfold.

From 2am, is when the night starts to kick off with more results rushing in. It's expected that around 60 seats will be announced during this hour.

The busiest time of the night will come from about 3am, with about 250 declarations expected. From 4am, enough results should have come in by this point to know which party is definitely going to be in control of the country. The final hours of the count should start from about 6am, with the count of the votes expected to be completed by about mid-morning.

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