Woodall School reports threat

Mar. 6—A Facebook post made by Woodall School on Tuesday, March 5, indicated a threat made by a student toward the campus had been reported to the school resource officer.

The post stated SRO Robert Stephens and Woodall Principal Kim Kocsis determined the students and staff were safe after immediately launching an investigation. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is now in charge of the probe. Sheriff Jason Chennault said he has been briefed about the situation by Stephens, who is doing the investigation.

"It is such a blessing for our school to have a SRO on campus daily," Superintendent Ginger Knight said in the post. "I also am so proud of the student who had the courage to do what is right and report what they heard."

The post stated those with questions or information should call the school office at 918-456-1581.

"I cannot comment on the specifics of the situation that happened yesterday because it is an ongoing investigation that has been turned over to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office," Knight said in a later statement sent via email. "I would like to say how appreciative I am that our school board realized the need for a full-time SRO for our school. It is comforting for our staff, students and families to know he is here daily, and able to quickly address and help investigate situations like this. I am very proud of the students that realized the comments made by a classmate needed to be reported and they had the courage to do so."