Taking the biscuit! 'World's biggest custard cream' is made - and it weighs the same as a small child

Jason Fell holding a normal buscuit and the 'world's biggest custard cream'. (SWNS)

This world record attempt really takes the biscuit - the 'world's biggest custard cream' measuring a whopping 68cm.

The gut-busting biscuit is 68cm (27ins) long, 50cm (20ins) high, and 15cm (6ins) thick.

It weighs a whopping 16.3kg (2st 8lbs) – the same as a three-year-old child.

The massive treat – 216 times bigger than a normal-sized biscuit – beat the previous record which was set in 2010 by chef pals Simon Morgan and Paul Thacker in Nottingham.

More than 55 children attending the Rotary’s Café Holiday Club in Oswestry, Shrops., spent 72 hours building the huge biscuit before finally finishing it last Friday.

Jason Fell, 45, who has been co-ordinating the holiday club for the past five years, said: 'When we announced that we had taken the record there were huge cheers from the children and all the helpers.

'They were very excited that they were the first to eat a world record making biscuit.

'I looked into world records and I saw that a giant custard cream could be a possibility.'

Jason admitted the record attempt almost ended in failure hours before it was finished when it started to crumble.

Luckily baker Hannah Guntrip, 30, was able to come to the rescue using cream to shore up the masterpiece.

Jason said: 'We almost missed the record though because hours before it was finished the edge of the biscuit was beginning to collapse.

'Hannah had left to travel to the airport for a holiday in Canada.

'But when we asked her advice she came back and whipped up another kilo of cream for inside.'

Hannah, who runs Han Made Cakes in St Martins, Shrops., added: 'The children did the mixing and making on Tuesday and on Wednesday the biscuit was put together.

'They had to use an oven at Moreton Hall School, near Oswestry – the only one big enough.'

Mr Fell is waiting for confirmation the biscuit is a world beater from Guinness World Records.

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