World's most futuristic caravan costs £500,000 and looks like a James Bond fantasy

The Caravisio caravan is part luxury yacht, part cinema, part techno-motorhome

The world’s most futuristic caravan was revealed today - a £500,000 motorhome with features controlled by an iPhone app.

The Caravisio caravan looks like a cross between a luxury yacht and a techno-vehicle dreamed up by ‘Q’ in a James Bond film.

The 30ft caravan can be turned into a giant cinema at the touch of a button and comes with a high-tech Apple app which regulates lighting, sound and heating.

It was unveiled for the first time at the UK’s national Motorhome and Caravan Show at Birmingham’s NEC.

The caravan’s app, which uses finger print-activated biometric technology for security, was designed by the German company Knauss Tabbert who spent £88,000 on its development.

In good weather the back of the caravan opens up to form an outdoor terrace, while inside the rear wall is turned into a giant cinema screen.

Nanotechnology also means the van can be turned into a mobile cinema, which can project a film onto the outside wall for people to enjoy films in the summer.

There is even a specialised wine cooler compartment on board, as well as a frosted 'smart glass' dual-paned sliding door.

The cone-shape of the caravan makes it more aerodynamic and is roomy enough for two single beds which can be turned into a King-size double.

Click above for more pictures of the Caravision caravan
Click above for more pictures of the Caravision caravan

The water system is controlled using a touch-screen display in the bathroom, located next to the front cockpit.

The prototype caravan, which took two years to develop, has a fibre glass shell, and could go one sale within two years.

Alex Wehrmann, spokesman for Knauss, said: 'The Caravisio is an exciting new concept caravan that demonstrates what the future of caravanning really could look like.

'Styled on a luxury yacht and designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and functionally, the back fully opens up with a verandah and awning to bring the outdoors inside.

The bad news for those after the one-of-a-kind caravan, is that it isn't technically for sale.

Alex Wehrmann added: 'It's not for sale, but if someone was to offer us £500,000 maybe we'd be able to develop another.'

The caravan and motorhome industry is responsible for generating £6billion each year for the UK economy.

In Britain, there are currently 550,000 touring caravans, 350,000 static-caravan holiday homes and 205,000 motorhomes.