Millionaire boss who called Corbyn a 'tw*t' insists they were 'the right words' - and that Labour leader is 'destroying Britain'

The millionaire boss of a London plumbing company has lashed out at Jeremy Corbyn, hours after he labelled him a “tw*t” live on air.

Charlie Mullins, who runs Pimlico Plumbing, told Yahoo News UK that he believes the Labour leader is “destroying the country” – and wouldn’t let him work at his company.

He told us: “Over half the country thinks he’s a waste of time. He’s a liar, what with this thing about the student debt…

“He’s telling lies, he’s destroying the country. He’s another Nigel Farage. I wouldn’t put him in charge of a broom at Pimlico Plumbers.”


Mr Mullins described Jeremy Corbyn as a 'waste of time' (Rex)
Mr Mullins described Jeremy Corbyn as a ‘waste of time’ (Rex)

The BBC was forced to apologise earlier this afternoon when passionate Remain supporter Mr Mullins, 64, called Mr Corbyn a “tw*t” for opposing Britain staying in the single market after Brexit.

However, the self-made millionaire insisted he would say it to Mr Corbyn’s face.

He went on: “I’ve heard Jeremy Corbyn called a lot worse things.

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“Someone told me it was not the best place to say it but I would rather say it to his face.

“The man is a waste of time.”

He added: “At the end of the day maybe it wasn’t the right place to say it.

Mr Mullins is a passionate supporter of Britain staying in the EU (Rex)
Mr Mullins is a passionate supporter of Britain staying in the EU (Rex)

“Maybe it was a slip of the tongue but what I really think about the guy I wouldn’t say on the radio. The man’s destroying the country.

“As much as I say it was the wrong place – wrong place right words.”

Tory donor Mr Mullins, who is worth £70 million, is a fierce opposer of Brexit and supported a legal challenge to stop the triggering of Article 50.

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