World's first audible Pride flag releases for blind and partially sighted LGBTQ+ people

Woman listening to headphones, 'The Sound of Pride'
Woman listening to headphones, 'The Sound of Pride' Okrasiuk via Shutterstock

Designed for the blind and partially sighted members of the LGBTQ+ community, the world’s first audible Pride flag titled ‘The Sound of Pride’ has just been released at this year’s Milano Pride.

As a renowned quantum biophysicist from Bologna, Italy, Daniele Gullà transformed the iconic 1978 Gilbert Baker rainbow flag into song form. The process of creating the anthem consisted of a sequence of advanced scientific techniques, all contributing to converting a physical flag into sound. 

To gather the acoustic elements of the flag’s colours, Gullà utilised a camera with a multispectral array. Because they are inaudible, the scientist raised the pitch to create a perceptible sound. This step in the process essentially allows listeners to hear the energy and vibrations emitted from the colours. 

“Every compound formed by atoms and molecules emits energy, frequencies, and vibrations. With this project, we are just listening to something that has always been there, but that no one has ever heard,” Gullà said.

From there, Milano Pride collaborated with Alessandro Branca and Serena Menarini from Human Touch Music to translate the colour frequencies into a cohesive melody. The outcome fuses classical and electronic musical components, creating a powerful listening experience. 

“The Sound of Pride represents a praise for inclusivity that can echo around the world and that takes into account and enhances the uniqueness of all people. Music is, in fact, a universal language,” Branca said.

One of Italy’s most prestigious orchestras, Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, also partnered with Milano Pride to create the anthem. The classical music component is thanks to the compelling string instruments of the orchestra.

“The Milan Symphony Orchestra wants to share the values it has always believed in accessibility and inclusiveness in the world of the arts. Music is a universal language; its sound welcomes everyone and unites people, highlights similarities, and turns differences into richness. We are proud to be part of this project,” said Ambra Redaelli, President of the Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi

The work done by Milano Pride is paving the way for inclusion within the LGBTQ+ community. Their goal is to have everyone become promoters of ‘The Sound of Pride,’ and the inclusivity it represents. 

“Milano Pride has always been dedicated to promoting values such as freedom, fight for rights and appreciation of diversity, beyond all borders. Our event is a project that represents the commitment of associationism in collecting the energy of the thousands of people who participate and help us transform it into concrete and innovative ideas for a better future,” said Alice Redaelli of the Milano Pride organization.

Music holds the capacity to include everyone in an experience. Having an audible flag now allows for anyone to experience the power of Pride.

‘The Sound of Pride,’ in short and full versions, and the various materials are available for download here. It can also be listened to on YouTube or Spotify.

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