The world's first completely vegan hotel suite has come to London

 (Hilton Bankside)
(Hilton Bankside)

Swanky food and design studio Bompas & Parr has just unveiled London's first ever 'vegan' hotel suite.

Exclusivley decked out in plant-based materials, the studio's creation is a bid to show that veganism goes beyond a simple dining trend and can help 'influence a wider lifestyle choice'.

Located inside the 5-star Hilton Bankside Hotel, guests will not find a single trace of leather, wool or feather throughout the suite's stylish interior.

The suite, which features a large bedroom, sitting area and bathroom utilises an innovative material called Pinatex - a vegan-friendly fruit leather made from the cellulose of the humble pinepapple.

Everything from the cotton carpets to the footstools, scatter cusions, headboard and even the key card to access the room have been made from the animal friendly product. Feather pillows have been replaced with a choice of buckwheat or millet hulls, kapok or bamboo and the entire selection of toiletries, snacks, drinks and cleaning products are 100% free of animal products, too.

The suite follows an immaculate eco-concious track record for the design studio brand, which in 2016, used bioluminscent algae to make a glow-in-the-dark jewellery collection.

If you fancy a weekend in the suite, it is avalaible to book now.