Worrying Coronation Street twist as Rowan Cunliffe next The Insitute victim confirmed

Rowan in Coronation Street
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Coronation Street is set to see a beloved resident join Rowan Cunliffe's (Emhrys Cooper) worrying Institute next week. Leanne Battersby - played by Jane Danson - is the latest member to be drawn into the cult, with another younger member soon to join.

Leanne's fiance Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and sister Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor) have expressed their worries about her involvement. However, despite their concerns, the Institute seems to have a firm grip on Leanne, even though it has already wreaked havoc in her sister Toyah's life.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Toyah had given birth at the tender age of 19. Tragically, the baby was stillborn, and Toyah buried the body on the red rec. She confessed to Leanne and Nick but was arrested after an anonymous tip-off led the police to discover the remains of the baby, Rose.

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Although Toyah was eventually released without charge, it was evident who had made the call to the police: Rowan. Additionally, Toyah has been concealing her secret affair with Nick from her sister, reports the Express.

In upcoming episodes, the plot thickens as another resident of the cobbles decides to join the Institute. This week, Amy Barlow, played by Elle Mulvaney, reveals her stress over her hectic schedule at a radio station.

In an attempt to help her relax, Leanne introduces her to an Institute video. Toyah is alarmed when she sees Amy watching the video, and is further shocked when Amy expresses interest in joining The Institute.

Next week, it seems Amy has been fully drawn into the Institute. In Monday's episode (July 8), Leanne informs Nick that she plans to care for Toyah after her recent hospital visit.

However, when Rowan invites her to a taster session for new recruits, Toyah offers to accompany her. As they arrive at the Chariot Square Hotel for the session, Leanne is thrilled to see Amy among the attendees.

Will Amy fall under Rowan's influence like Leanne, or will she see through his malevolent intentions?