Worst luggage to fly with and 'truth' on how bags are loaded

Luggage at baggage reclaim in Heathrow Terminal 3
-Credit: (Image: PA)

An airport luggage handler revealed the worst bags to travel with and the truth of how they're loaded onto a flight.

Airport expert Adam initiated a Reddit Q&A session for travellers to ask their burning questions. In a thread titled: "I am an airport baggage/ramp handler, Ask Me Anything,” users were curious to know if early check-ins affected how luggage is loaded.

One user asked: “I have a theory that the earlier you check-in, the lower in the stack your suitcase will be. Then it gets loaded onto the plane and is now on the top of the pile.”

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“Upon arriving at the destination, it gets unpacked again going to the bottom of the pile, which means your suitcase will come out to the carousel last. Any truth to this?”

Adam revealed turning up hours before your flight won't guarantee your luggage a comfortable journey. He said: "There is some truth to this, but it isn’t a hard and fast rule. A lot of the time when dollies of bags (the transportation system used for loose baggage) are picked up by the ramp team, they get mixed up."

Adam went on to say the worst luggage to travel with is without wheels as they affect the loading and removal process. He said: “If your bag has at least two high-quality wheels, then it allows us to roll them down the hold quickly, making it easier for us. Otherwise, we throw the bags to keep to the scheduled times."

Additionally, his least favourite are four-wheeled cases - with one that doesn't work. He added: “These fall when rolling down. To stop stuff getting damaged, you want to have a bag that has four good wheels, with a soft lining on the inside and a hard outer shell. The wheels are important because we tend to throw those bags less when inside the hold of an aircraft, and the other features help keep your stuff cushioned."

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