'X Factor' boys: Sound issues are technical not sabotage (Exclusive)

The X Factor boys with mentor Louis Tomlinson (REX).
The X Factor boys with mentor Louis Tomlinson (REX).

X Factor was hit with major technical issues last week. For ten minutes of live television faulty sound transmissions left boys contestant Anthony Russell and overs contestant Danny Tetley sounding like ‘Daleks.’

But despite emerging reports that these contestants feared it was part of a sabotage to oust them from the show, the boys rubbished the claims.

“It happened, it’s television. Despite certain reports I didn’t say anything about people trying to get me out of the competition.

“Because we are all winners at the end of the day. I’ve been showcased on television. These things happen,” 28-year-old Liverpudlian Russell told us.

“I don’t think ITV would want to waste money and time to mess up any one particular act. There are way too many people behind the scenes.

“Technical glitches do happen, and it is beyond anyone’s control,” 24-year-old Jamaican Dalton Andre Harris added.

The boys have first time judge and former X Factor contestant Louis Tomlinson as their mentor. Harris said he’s surprised at how ‘real’ and ‘supportive’ Tomlinson has been.

Russell, Murray and Harris outside the Build Ldn studio. (REX)
Russell, Murray and Harris outside the Build Ldn studio. (REX)

“Going in I thought it would be more business geared but I think it’s a bit more personal with Louis. Today I feel a bit iffy about certain things and I’m able to text him and get an almost instant response,” he said.

While 21-year-old Brendan Murray from Galway says Tomlinson often relays One Direction stories and examples when giving guidance.

“At his house we had dinner with him and he told us about the early One Direction days. He told us how nervous they were in their first rehearsals, it was nice to hear that side of the story,” Murray said.

And they’ve already got some X Factor winner fans.

“James Arthur reached out to me and offered his support – he’s a good lad!” Russell said.

“Little Mix reached out which is crazy. They think I’m a good singer which is just so flattering to me! I met them and they said they were rooting for me!” Harris added.

X Factor continues on ITV on Saturday at 8.35pm.

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