'X Factor' fans slam Robbie Williams for making it 'all about him'

Laura Hannam
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    I said it before I say it again turn over and watch a worthwhile show lol , my wife likes the show but as soon as Janice robinson sang I knew it was set up I told the wife she is singing her number 1 from the 90's it was a dance floor classic ,and then with Robbie nd his wife making the show all about them what will simon not try to stop[ the show from folding
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    Having heard some of the tenth rate singers that emerge from this debacle of a show I've never had reason to watch it, especially when aware of the panel members, also low raters. Reads now as if it's no better if not a lot worse. Sure I can watch other channels but TV has degenerated so much that there's more value now in leaving it off and returning to the time when we only had a "wireless" (A radio with wires for the younger readers, if any). As soon as I see an advert that says Olly Murs and any one of several others is appearing, the mood drops and I wonder if we will ever hear the likes of Tony Bennett, Vic Damone, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, among a host of other greats again. No chance I reckon.
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    It's no longer the X factor its turning into the Robbie and wife show . Bring back the old judges . Why so many add breaks lets see contestants .
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    Other TV channels are available.
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    Same dreary format, One or Two performances then a load of adverts and all the waffle in between acts with talent hunted performers. The producers know from the start who" THEY " want to win, the phone votes don't really count for anything except making the program money. Just because they change the judges does not make the series better.
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    Did anyone expect anything else from robbie
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    Can Robbie Williams please show some respect to the show. Heis supposed to be a judge and s not at home - so please don't put your feet up on the desk and lounge back in your chair during acts! Also the show is supposed to be about contestants - already there are too many ad breaks (usually after every 2 songs) and now we have the judges prancing about to teh audience and riding about on toy 4 wheelers!
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    Though i don't watch that show was funny to that headline cause it's exactly why iwent off that guy, didn't like him when he first went solo then cleaned himself up and liked his music and concerts but the last couple of years didn't like him cause he turned into a big head 'look at me' folks and it seems by peoples comments he's still the same.
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    I switched off, Williams' ego was just too much.
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    That was always going to happen.