X Factor judges’ extortionate hotel bills revealed

You wouldn’t expect Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh to bunk up in the YMCA while they’re busy filming the X Factor, would you?

Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh/Rex Photos
Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh/Rex Photos

Us neither. But the money ITV is rumoured to be splashing out on putting the judges up while they cast their eye on the likes of Honey G and Matt Terry is pretty breathtaking.

Compared to his colleagues, Louis Walsh’s £510 a night luxury suite at the Kensington Hotel is a bit of a bargain. In contrast, Nicole gets her head down at the swanky Grosevenor House, where penthouse suites go for up to £1000 a night.

However, way at the top of the charts is Sharon Osbourne, whose suite at the swanky Claridges Hotel is thought to cost ITV bosses a whopping £8,400 every single night.

“Nicole, Sharon and Louis are based outside London so it was a concern to them where they could stay on late show nights,” explained an insider on the show.

“To make sure ITV had the best panel possible the judges arranged these beautiful hotels. The show security team have been blabbing to fans that it’s ITV who are footing the bill.

“It wasn’t anywhere near this expensive with a panel full of Londoners last year.”

Still, at least Simon Cowell still has a home in the capital.

Sources at ITV laughed off the comments, and insisted that the judges pay for their hotels out of their own pockets.

X Factor judges/ITV
X Factor judges/ITV

Anyway, despite all that luxury, at least one of the show’s judges has confessed to being a little homesick. Nicole admits she’s been pining for Hawaii, and has to rely on Louis Walsh to lift her spirits. Oh dear.

“I do get homesick,” she told the Mirror. “England keeps me busy, but I really do miss the island. Yet I know I’m working towards something and it puts everything into perspective.

“And people don’t realise it, but Louis is the one to lift me up. Some days he gives me a pep talk. We’re real friends.”

That’s the same Louis Walsh who recently told everyone about her ‘secret boob job’, right?

Nicole Scherzinger/Rex Photos
Nicole Scherzinger/Rex Photos

“Louis pushes his luck, but I can handle him,” Nicole continued. “We never take things too personally.”