Xbox One gamers can order pizza by shouting 'feed me' at TV

New Domino's Pizza app lets lazy gamers order takeaway pizza without even stopping their game

Xbox One gamers can now order Domino's pizza through the Kinect voice and motion sensor (Microsoft)

The new Domino's Pizza app for Xbox One lets gamers order pizza for delivery without even having to leave the their game.

The rumoured app has now arrived in the UK and means that Xbox One owners can order a takeaway from their console by tapping a button or if that seems like too much bother, they can simply wave and shout at the console's Kinect voice and motion sensor.

UK Xbox One users can now order pizza direct from their console
UK Xbox One users can now order pizza direct from their console

The speech recognition software recognises the command "Domino's, feed me" and enables users to choose the toppings that they want on their pizza plus any side orders.

The 32MB app is available now on the Xbox One Marketplace and can also be controlled using a smartphone.

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The order can be tracked in real time onscreen in a separate window while still playing, so gamers won't even need to haul themselves up from the sofa until the doorbell rings.

Simon Wallis, Marketing Director at Domino’s Pizza UK commented: “We love gamers and gamers love pizza, it’s the ultimate Domino’s #Gamefuel.

"Xbox One has the best platform for us to build on. We’re proud to be able to allow people to purchase a physical product via their Xbox console."

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Microsoft has a similar set-up with Pizza Hut in the US.