Yacht rescued off Cornwall in bad weather conditions

The stricken yacht off Perranporth earlier this week which had to be towed back to safety by RNLI lifeboats
The stricken yacht off Perranporth earlier this week which had to be towed back to safety by RNLI lifeboats -Credit:Padstow RNLI Lifeboat Station

A yacht which was at risk of drifting into a popular surfing area after losing power had to be towed to safety in worsening weather conditions, the RNLI has said. The incident happened as strong onshore winds threatened to push the stricken yacht close to the popular beach at Perranporth. RNLI Lifeguard manning the beach spotted the vessel and launched their own rescue watercraft and made contact with the crew of the yacht.

The yacht crew told the lifeguards they had lost power and their radio was also down which meant they could not communicate with anyone. With the weather conditions worsening, Falmouth Coastguard tasked RNLI volunteers from St Agnes and Newquay to come to the yacht's rescue.

St Agnes RNLI Lifeboat D-Class lifeboat was launched by volunteer crew at 12.25pm alongside Newquay RNLI Lifeboats Atlantic class lifeboat. The RNLI crews proceeded to tow the stricken vessel to safety and enlisted the help of the Padstow RNLI lifeboat station's all-weather Tamar class boat to take over the rescue.

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A spokesperson for the RNLI said that St Agnes lifeboat crews accompanied the yacht as she was towed to meet the Padstow RNLI lifeboat, which then took over the tow. St Agnes lifeboat helped to transfer Padstow lifeboat volunteers aboard the casualty vessel and return the Newquay RNLI lifeboat volunteer back to the Atlantic lifeboat.

Padstow lifeboat then towed the yacht back to the lifeboat mooring in the River Camel low tide prevented from taking the vessel into Padstow Harbour.

Emma Watkins, volunteer lifeboat operations manager for St Agnes RNLI, said: "This is a great example of the RNLI working as one crew. Each RNLI vessel has its strengths and today showed that the training our crews receive allows them to work together to the highest standards."

The incident happened before the nice weather spell we are enjoying on Monday April 29.