Yoga teacher giggles as dog rudely interrupts session


Story and video from SWNS

A yoga instructor was left in hysterics while an online class she was taking was rudely interrupted by her dog.

Jayne Hobson, 46, was making a video for her students rom her home in Crowborough, East Sussex, when she spotted her beloved dog Bobby enter the living room clutching a pillow.

The labrador can be seen ignoring his owner's protests as he jumps right in front of the camera and begins to vigorously hump his pillow.

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The excitable actions of her naughty pup left Jayne in fits of giggles as she hastily ended the video.

She said: "I saw him entering the room with his pillow and immediately knew what he was going to do. I tried to stop him but before I knew it, he's positioned himself right in front of the lens and started humping away.

"Thankfully, I was only four minutes into the class so I handled it really well and found it funny but it would have been far more irritating if he'd interrupted later on."