Our Yorkshire Farm's Reuben Owen breaks silence on Amanda and Clive's split

Reuben Owen
Reuben Owen -Credit:(Image: (Image: Channel 5))

Our Yorkshire Farm's Reuben Owen has broken his silence on the split between his parents, Amanda and Clive. The young farmer revealed that despite their separation, his parents continue to work together at Ravenseat Farm and "nothing has changed".

The couple, who gained fame through Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm along with their nine children, announced their separation in 2022. It came after it was revealed that Amanda, 48, had had a five-year fling with businessman Robert Davies.

Reuben, 19, now has his own solo series Life in the Dales, also on Channel 5, following the heavy machinery business he runs with girlfriend Sarah and his friend Tommy. He spoke about the split and how the family have coped since.

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When questioned about how he and his siblings are dealing with the "new arrangement of mum and dad co-parenting", Reuben responded: "It doesn't really make a difference. They are just there as they always have been."

"Mum and Dad just keep us right. They always have and they still do, they're the same as they were and they are up there farming right now.

"When I left them today, Mum had something going on to do with a cow. Mum and Dad were both stood there absolutely soaking wet in the yard. Not much has changed at all really."

Discussing his relationship with Clive and Amanda, the young farmer continued: "Yeah, I get along with my mum and dad brilliantly.

"They are just a brilliant pair of parents. You couldn't wish for better really, they're very supportive, they're not daft and they tell you how it is.

"They've been amazing with me and the digging business they've been so supportive. They both really enjoy it because whenever mum and dad want something digging, they can just give us a shout and I make sure it happens."

In the upcoming episode of Reuben: Life in the Dales, viewers will witness Reuben, his girlfriend Sarah Dow, and their mate Tommy, set off on a journey to France.

When questioned about his favourite part of the trip, the young lad responded: "My favourite part of the holiday was driving my Land Rover in France.

"I loved it. It made me think of those old episodes of Top Gear when they go across a country in a slightly knackered vehicle. That's what it felt like, the old Land Rover never let us down, and the French motorways were lovely.

"You cruise along with all the French people looking on. They don't see very many Land Rovers over there."