'You' fans thrilled to see murderous season three hit Netflix

Serial killer Joe is back. (Netflix)
Serial killer Joe is back. (Netflix)

Netflix serial killer hit You has begun streaming season three today and fans could not be more excited about its return.

The darkly comic series, starring Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley as murderous loner Joe who sees himself as a true romantic, was confirmed for a fourth season this week just before the third instalment dropped on Netflix.

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Fans of the show were thrilled to see it back two years on from the second season, with plotlines as gory and ridiculous as ever.

One fan tweeted: "I will not be doing anything for the rest of the day. Joe's back!!!"

Somneone else added: "My favorite Psycho is back."

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti star. (Netflix)
Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti star. (Netflix)

Anoter viewer added: "Yeah i’m most def watching all #youseason3 episodes in one sitting."

Season one of You starred Elizabeth Lail as Joe's wealthy, book-loving victim who he stalked, ended up in a relationship with, and later killed.

Rather than getting his comeuppance in season two, Joe left New York for Los Angeles where history seemed to be repeating itself with new love interest Love (Victoria Pedretti), until a plot twist revealed that she was every bit as unhinged as him.

Look out, neighbours. (Netflix)
Look out, neighbours. (Netflix)

Now, season three sees Joe and Love married with a baby boy and attempting to start a new life for themselves in the suburbs of San Francisco.

However, wandering eyes, short tempers and a cast of annoying wealthy neighbours lead to danger for the couple and those they meet.

They attempt couples therapy, but viewers predicted that their marriage could only be headed for disaster.

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One fan tweeted: "If Love doesn’t kill Joe at the end of the series then what would be the point."

Another person added: "COUPLES THERAPY????? You don’t need to go to therapy, You need to go to JAIL!!!"

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