Young Guru shares proof Jay-Z recorded ‘God Did’ verse in one take

Young Guru shares proof Jay-Z recorded ‘God Did’ verse in one take

Young Guru has shared proof that Jay-Z rapped his nearly four-minute “God Did” verse in one take.

Following the release of DJ Khaled’s latest album GOD-DID on 26 August, Jay-Z’s longtime audio technician broke down the rapper’s lengthy verse on the title track with musical artist Rob Markman on his YouTube channel.

“He walked in,” Young Guru explained of the “Empire State of Mind” rapper. “He’s spitting the verse to me. One take.”

“I didn’t know he had almost four minutes and how many bars or whatever ready, so I’m just in amazement of watching him do this again at 52 years old. It’s like, I never stop being amazed,” he praised.

Now, in an Instagram post on Monday (6 September), Young Guru posted evidence of Jay-Z’s audio recording, with the caption: “This is the first and last time I’m gonna do this. I could care less if you believe me when I say that he did this @djkhaled verse in one take.

“Let’s be clear for the youth. Doing a song in one take is just a bonus of the level of talent. The song is what is important.”

Young Guru explained that much of the work is “done before he goes in the booth”, adding that a lot of questions are “answered and addressed mentally before you record.”

“Does Jay do EVERY verse in one take? No. But has he done A LOT of verses in one take? Hell yes!!!”

He concluded: “Look at the zoom-in of the screen. There are no chops or breaks in that audio. This “I don’t believe you unless I see it” thing is foreign to me. So here is your proof. It doesn’t matter if you believed me…..God Did!!!”

GOD-DID is available to stream now.