Young Londoners escape to stunning isolated island in Canada - 'to learn from the most inspiring and extraordinary people in the world'

Sebastian Mann

Everything is handmade or recycled, the closest neighbours are six miles away and work finishes at 1pm. Life for Wayne Adams and Catherine King on Vancouver Island couldn’t be further removed from the daily grind of London.

But it means it's the perfect place for two young Londoners to begin their unconventional quest to learn from the “most inspiring and extraordinary people in the world”.

Emerald Lewis, 24, and Ashton Casey, 21, jet off from their homes in the capital to the stunning isolated island on an unusual journey to understand “greatness” as part of a new YouTube video series.

In an idyllic cove nestled on Canada’s Pacific coast, they visit couple Wayne and Catherine on the floating paradise they built for themselves after they escaped the rough and tumble of working life more than 25 years ago.

The vivid colours of Wayne and Catherine's remote paradise stand out against the calm waters of the Pacific (Josh Meeks-Rayvon)

“We're going to go and spend two days in their home, getting to know them, living like they do,” says Emerald. “I really want to know why they did it.”

Londoners Emerald Lewis, left, and Ashton Casey visit the island in a search for the meaning of 'greatness' (Josh Meeks-Rayvon)

The pair catch their own fish, explore the remote island and join Ms King for her morning yoga routine as they attempt to find answers in the first instalment of YouTube video series “Greatness”.

Whale bones mark the entrance to the colourful ocean home accessible only by sea and several miles from the next living human.

Wayne Adams and his partner are entirely self-sufficient, catching and growing their food (Josh Meeks-Rayvon)

“It's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory ... Willy Wonka's chocolate factory was trashy compared to this,” says Ashton, a musician originally from North Carolina.

They go on to quiz the self-sufficient couple, who grow all their own food and shower over the sea, on why they’ve chosen such remote lifestyles.

Ms King explains: “All of us, each of us, every day if we work from love and positive energy we're adding that to the planet, and this cove is all about that.”

Emerald and Ashton appear intoxicated by the experience as they come to terms with what it would mean to escape the big smoke and start a totally new life.

“It’s coming to an end, and that's actually really hard to deal with because it feels like come into a really beautiful safe place where everything has been idyllic and gorgeous,” DJ Emerald says.

“I feel different from when I arrived ... tomorrow we have to fly back to London which is the sh****** thing ever.”

Mexico will be their next destination in the video series, produced by Kyra TV, which hopes to publish monthly episodes on YouTube.