The Young and the Restless spoilers: Summer becomes jealous of Claire?

 Allison Lanier as Summer in The Young and the Restless.
Allison Lanier as Summer in The Young and the Restless.

With The Young and the Restless’ Jordan (Colleen Zenk) stashed away in a locked room, for now at least, Claire (Hayley Erin) looks to finally live life as an official Newman.

Naturally, Claire has quite the journey ahead of her in reaching a sense of normalcy. Not only does she need to meet her brothers and sister, but she also has a whole new extended family of Newmans to explore. Plus, while she and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) have briefly discussed her future plans, Claire has employment goals to think about. While the full picture of what’s next for her isn’t crystal clear yet, in The Young and the Restless episode airing on March 15, Claire takes her first step toward normalcy when she and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) pay a visit to Crimson Lights.

While there, Claire is formally introduced to her cousin Summer (Allison Lanier). The two young women exchange hellos, and Summer mentions she heard from Nick (Joshua Morrow) and read in the paper that she had a new cousin, and she's happy to meet Claire. (We think these two should have met when Claire and Summer were both at Jack and Diane’s wedding at the Abbott Mansion, but we digress.)

Hayley Erin as Claire at the Newman Ranch in The Young and the Restless
Hayley Erin as Claire at the Newman Ranch in The Young and the Restless

Also at Crimson Lights are Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Harrison (Kellen Enriquez), the latter of which is grumpy due to his former nanny leaving and Kyle and Summer not finding a replacement to receive the Harrison seal of approval.

However, when Claire makes note of the picture Harrison is drawing and strikes up a conversation about squirrels, even throwing a few corny jokes, Harrison immediately takes to her. He giggles a bit and smiles. Later, Harrison even draws Claire a picture and gives it to her which impresses Kyle a great deal. Victoria makes note through all of this interaction how good Claire is with kids.

Having said all of this, we’re convinced that the stars are aligning for Claire to be Harrison’s new nanny. The only question is when things will be made official. We imagine Claire will settle into her new role soon based on the following promo clip for the episodes airing during the week of March 18.

Once Claire is hired, it should only be a matter of time before Harrison brags to Mommy Summer how much he likes Claire. He may have come to share with his mom that he prefers the way Claire does something over Summer, which probably will annoy Summer and get her jealousy going. If the Marchetti boss notices that Kyle also likes Claire and sees her in a romantic light of any kind, Summer may start to think she’s being replaced.

A threatened Summer could provide for some great soap moments, as she could tap into her Phyllis-DNA and attempt to do something chaotic to get Claire out of the picture. However, given Claire’s past, Summer may not want to push her new cousin too far.

As this storyline develops, we plan to be watching.

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