Young Southend mum's warning after terminal cancer diagnosis aged just 24

Sky Bampton with daughter Elvana
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

An Essex mum-of-two has made a heartfelt plea to young people to be vigilant about their health after being handed a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of 24. Sky Bampton discovered a lump in her right breast while pregnant with her son Albie in January 2023 and initially wrote it off as a hormonal change.

It wasn't until April, when she consulted her GP, that she was sent to a specialist who confirmed the devastating news that it was cancer. The young mum bravely faced eight rounds of chemotherapy and underwent a mastectomy with reconstructive surgery in October.

Tragically, by January, the disease had advanced to her liver, and doctors gave her a life expectancy of only two to three more years. Now 25, Sky shared her anguish: "It was devastating. I've honestly never felt pain like it. I just felt my whole heart sink."

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Dealing with the illness has been fraught with emotional and mental challenges for Sky and her family. She disclosed: "It has been so difficult for me and my family. Emotionally and mentally, it has taken a huge impact. I never thought at 25, I would find myself in such a mess.

She spoke openly about the daily struggles she faces, saying, "I feel like I am carrying a massive weight on my shoulders every single day, and the sadness and reality of it all is something that doesn't go away. We are all heartbroken."

Determined to raise awareness among the youth, Sky emphasized the importance of prompt medical attention for any bodily abnormalities, urging, "If you find something, get it checked out and don't wait."

"I never thought this would happen to me. All the young women and men think it won't happen to them. It doesn't even run in my family."

Sky, from Southend, Essex, who is also mother to five-year-old Elvana, initially dismissed the lump on her breast when she discovered it in January last year. She chose to wait until after the birth of her son Albie before seeking medical advice.

She explained: "I found the lump in January, but I didn't get it checked until my son was six to eight weeks old. Being pregnant I thought nothing of it. I just thought it was to do with hormones, and being 24 at the time, you don't think it's going to be anything sinister. And then Albie got to six to eight weeks old, and they referred me to the breast clinic. And April 2023 was when I got diagnosed."

After her diagnosis, Sky underwent surgery and chemotherapy from June to October in an effort to halt the cancer's spread. However, later in the year, she began feeling strange sensations in her back, prompting a CT scan that identified a spot on her liver.

Subsequent MRI scans showed multiple lesions throughout the organ. Since receiving her diagnosis, Sky has been tirelessly searching for ways to prolong her life.

She is now exploring alternative natural therapies to complement her conventional treatment and is considering seeking medical help overseas. Her family has set up a Gofundme page to support Sky and her children through this challenging time.

Sky shared: "The two to three years life expectancy is based on statistics. So nobody knows for sure. But for me, being given that news, I'm going to be with my kids as much as I can and make memories with them and look for possibilities that can go beyond the prognosis that I have been given".

For those wishing to support Sky and her family, donations can be made at her GoFundMe page,

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