Zara Larsson was such a ‘wild’ teen she underwent ‘a lot of family therapy’

Zara Larsson was such a “wild” teenage tearaway she ended up doing “a lot of family therapy”.

The Swedish-born singer, 26, was born in Solna, Stockholm, to her nursing assistant mum Agnetha and army officer dad Anders and admitted she became uncontrollable as her father spent most of his time away on “a mission” when she was growing up.

Zara told reality TV regular Jamie Laing, 35, on his ‘Great Company’ podcast: “We did do a lot of family therapy actually when I was a teenager. I was just a bad teenager – I was just really wild.

“I just did whatever I wanted to do. I didn’t listen to anyone.”

She went on about how her mum did her best to control her and run a home while her dad was away: “In the house, my mum’s like the one who decides things.

“But also my dad was away a lot. My dad wasn’t really home like that. He was always on a mission or I don’t know what he was doing.

“He was just gone pretty much. And so mom was just the one who like kept the fortress you know.”

Zara also said she thinks her dad has got softer as he ages, adding: “Now when my parents, especially my dad when they’re older and he’s not out in a way all the time and he’s grown really maybe sentimental, he’s getting maybe… you realise like, ‘I’m getting older and life is actually not that long.

“It goes quick… I think he realises it’s so important to have that good family relationship and bond and I feel like he’s trying a lot to just have us all bond and, like, connect.

“So he’s definitely, like, a different man today than he was when I grew up and it’s kind of cute.”

Zara added her sister Hannah, 23, who is in the band Lennix, is “such an important person” in her life she thinks they would have been best friends even if they weren’t related.