New Zealand Navy Delivers Drinking Water to Tonga

New Zealand’s Navy delivered fresh drinking water for the people of Tonga on Saturday, January 22, according to the New Zealand Defence Force.

The HMNZS Aotearoa delivered 250,000 litres of bulk water supplies, and had filled two 185,000 litre tankers by the middle of the Saturday, the NZDF said.

Footage shared on January 22 shows Leading Marine Technician Will Skelly demonstrating how the Aotearoa made fresh water on board.

He said the ship can hold up to 250,000 litres (66,043 gallons), using its desalination plants to turn salt water into fresh drinking water.

A second flight by the Royal New Zealand Air Force also delivered further humanitarian and disaster relief stores, while a second ship, the HMNZS Canterbury, is expected in Tonga early next week, NZDF said. Credit: NZ Defence Force via Storyful

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