Zebras on the Loose Hog Wisconsin Roadway

A garbage truck driver was amazed to see two zebras taking up both sides of a two-lane road in Seymour, Wisconsin, after the animals escaped from a home in the area on September 14, TV station WBAY reported.

This video captured by David Haupt shows the zebras strolling down the roadway in Seymour, about 20 miles west of Green Bay,

The animals escaped from a local property in the area and their owners rounded them up and got them home within 40 minutes of Haupt’s sighting, according to reports.

In a statement to Storyful, the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson sergeant Nathan Borman said, “The two zebras wandered the area nearby and were walking down a county highway when a garbage truck driver came upon them. He chased them into a field to get them out of the road, and a short time later the owners were able to respond and guided them back home.”

The animals were not harmed, and officers from the State Department of Natural Resources confirmed they were well cared for, according to Borman.

Earlier this month, escaped zebras were also spotted wandering around residential Maryland. Credit: David Haupt via Storyful

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