Ministry of Interior statistics: 'A UAE driver banned every four hours'

A driver every four hours was booted off the UAE’s roads last year

A driver every four hours was booted off the UAE’s roads last year - most for speeding and weaving their way through the black points limit.
Statistics released by the Ministry of Interior yesterday revealed that thousands of reckless motorists had their licences revoked in 2012 for clocking up 24 black points. Their violations ranged from speeding to jumping red lights and driving under the influence of alcohol. Racing, failing to stop after causing an accident and driving in the wrong direction were also violations that sent the idiotic drivers over the edge.
Lieutenant Colonel Sulaiman Abdullah Al Daraei, head of follow-up policing at the ministry, said: “Driving licences were taken away from 2,404 drivers who exceeded the black points limit.
“This was done to deter motorists from violating traffic rules. Bad driving not only endangers a driver but harms innocent road users.” Al Daraei issued a further warning to banned drivers. He added: “Motorists who have had their licences seized by the police and are then caught driving will be referred to the courts.

“The law bans those who have accumulated more than 24 black points from driving.” While Al Daraei vowed that police forces across the country are cracking down on
dangerous drivers, Dubai Police yesterday revealed they are giving motorists with bad records a second chance to eradicate black points by undertaking special ‘rehab’ courses. The Traffic Institute in Dubai Traffic Police said that more than over 300 drivers had undertaken training courses to have eight black points cut from their licences. The Al Barsha centre said that last year it ran 34 courses with between 10-12 participants on each one.

Deputy director of Dubai Traffic Police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, said that those courses in Arabic, English and Urdu aim to raise traffic awareness.

“Any driver who has between 15 and 18 black points can request to go on the training course. We want to educate these drivers about better and safe driving habits,” Al Mazroui said. “The lessons focus on educat¬ion about traffic laws, show¬ing traffic violations and how to avoid accidents.”

Starting next month, drivers in Dubai who do not commit any offences will be rewarded with ‘white points’, which they can use to wipe out black points. Traffic law states that when a driver reaches 24 black points their licence is revoked for three months. Another reckless spell of 24 black points will lead to a six-month ban. A third 24-point spell leads to a one-year ban.

Al Mazroui said: “Our target is raising the traffic awareness for motorists by attending such lessons to know more about traffic instructions and law. It is like a second chance for drivers because banning their licences make life more difficult for them if they have to take a taxi instead of using their own car.”

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