'Downton Abbey'-style dock turns iPhone into a wooden retro phone

The phone lets users switch between landline and iPhone (Image: Pyle)

'Hello, this is the Downton residence, the butler speaking - how may I assist you?'

Pyle's PRT35I is perhaps the ultimate in retro phones - a fully functioning landline phone in wood and copper, which also has an iPod dock.

It looks very much like a 1920s handset, and does include a landline - but users can switch between landline and iPhone calls by pressing buttons on the dial.

It also eliminates at least one modern health risk - it cuts phone radiation to your ear by 99%, according to its maker.

The phone also charges iPhones while in use.

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It also works with BlackBerries and Androids - any phone with a 3.5mm jack will work via the wired handset.

The dock is priced at $110 (£70), and Pyle will ship them to the UK.

The dial also offers last number redial, and lets you hang up or redial without actually placing the copper receiver back on its stand.

"Talk on your smartphone with style and eliminate 99% of radiation emitted by your smartphone with the PRT35I," say its US makers.

"It’s a classically designed retro desktop telephone that works with both your landline and your smartphone, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

"The base is handcrafted from real wood, and the metal is all authentic brushed copper. Now you can embrace the look of early 20th century telephones with modern technology One button pickup and transfer between your landline and mobile phone makes operating this phone a breeze.

"Standard telephone features include last number redial, flash function, and ringer high/low selection.

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