The 1% Club's Lee Mack confirms he 'won't be doing' BBC show in 2024

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Lee Mack during the filming for the Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6 Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, to be aired on BBC One on Friday evening.
BBC's Not Going Out won't be returning in 2024 -Credit:PA

Lee Mack, star of ITV's The 1% Club, has announced he will be stepping back from his popular BBC show, Not Going Out.

The comedian confirmed that he won't be producing the sitcom this year as he focuses on other projects, reports Birmingham Live. Mack, who recently celebrated the 100th episode of Not Going Out over the festive period, discussed the future of the sitcom, in which he is both the star and writer.

"I was doing a sketch show at the Fringe in Edinburgh with Catherine Tate and Dan Antopolski," said Lee, who also featured in the BBC series Freeze the Fear alongside Holly Willoughby last year.

He continued: "There was a thought I had that wasn't even a joke. Me looking out of a window with a telescope, my wife walks in and I suddenly look up to the stars. In other words, what the hell was I looking at? At best mildly amusing, not a sketch but an idea, so I parked it."

"Then I had another and another and the sketch grew into a quarter of the show and then became a pilot," he explained.

When asked about his plans for the year amid his ongoing projects like The 1% Club, which airs every Saturday night, he revealed: "More 1% Club, more Would I Lie to You? and, for the first year in a long time, I won't be doing Not Going Out. If we do bring it back, we're looking at early 2025."

He also stated: "We're talking about it now. I'd love to do more, I love doing it, it's great fun, I love the cast but [...] it's not always my decision, these things. I just wait for someone to say, 'There's a bag of money, get on with it."

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