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Hollyoaks fans, it's time to get excited. Today's E4 episode (July 19) marks the beginning of the show's annual Six Weeks of Summer storylines, featuring the usual mix of high-stakes drama, shock twists, and fun in the sun for our favourite characters.

To kick things off, here's a full guide to 11 storylines you can look forward to over the next week.

1. Sienna puts her kidnap plan into action

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Just when we were getting used to Stable Schoolteacher Sienna (it was never going to last), along comes her new storyline to keep us on our toes. The village's favourite schemer spends the next few days laying the groundwork for her grand plan to kidnap the twins that she spotted at Maxine's wedding venue, convinced that they're her missing children.

Sienna kicks things off by seizing an opportunity to steal the twins' passports, privately vowing to kidnap them on the day of Maxine's wedding.

Preparations for Maxine's big day also end up working in Sienna's favour. When Sienna is dragged along to a wedding hair trial, she finds a wig that perfectly matches the hairstyle of the twins' au pair, Nina. That may well come in handy…

2. Sienna confides in Liberty

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After trying on the blonde wig and experimenting with making herself look like Nina's passport photo, Sienna decides to confide in her sister Liberty about her highly risky plans.

Sienna tells Liberty that she knows she can't give Brody the life he deserves, hinting that she's now ready to turn her back on him and focus fully on running away with the children.

Sienna asks Liberty for her help with getting the twins back, but the singing Savage isn't so sure and suggests that she should get some counselling. Something tells us Sienna won't be taking that advice…

3. Brody is given false hope

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Sienna may be planning to run away, but she knows that she can't blow her cover until Maxine's wedding day arrives. With this in mind, when Brody catches Sienna holding a teddy that she has dug out for the children, she has to avoid arousing any suspicion.

Sienna tells Brody that she wants to look into starting a family with him, leaving him overwhelmed with delight. As Brody cries tears of joy at the idea, he's completely unaware that she doesn't plan to stick around for much longer.

4. Mercedes becomes bolder with her affair

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Mercedes is the envy of quite a few of the villagers as they all get together to celebrate the start of summer. As Sylver emerges topless from The Dog to start the barbecue, he has plenty of admirers watching on – including Mercedes.

Later though, Mercy's secret lover Liam pops up at the pub and tries to steal her attention away from her buff husband. Although Mercy initially wants him to leave, it's not long before they're kissing passionately.

The next day, Sylver prepares for day two of the pub's barbecue, while brazen Mercedes and Liam hide in the bathroom upstairs. Is it only a matter of time before Sylver catches them in a compromising position?

5. Harry prepares to leave the village

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Harry is devastated when he misses his court hearing after being drugged by suspicious James once again. When Harry confronts his partner over his terrible behaviour, James coldly advises him to leave the village as there's no way he'll be found innocent now.

Harry starts to realise this could be his best move, as he doesn't want to go to prison for a crime that he didn't commit. After packing his bags, Harry decides to see his newborn son Isaac one last time.

6. Harry finally discovers the truth about the crash

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Affair dramas aren't the only thing that Mercedes needs to worry about. She also has to deal with a separate crisis when Harry finally discovers the truth about Grace's hit and run, just when he was planning to leave.

After weeks of being wrongly blamed for knocking over Grace, tormented Harry sees a ray of hope when he overhears Mercedes and Liam talking about their dark secret.

When Harry learns that Mercedes was the one driving that night, he confronts her and begs her to tell the police the truth. Don't hold your breath, Harry.

7. Breda and Marnie both drum up support for Harry

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Serial killer Breda currently has her eagle eyes on Tony, as the show's legendary character has found himself on her list of potential bad fathers.

When Breda finds Tony crying in despair over Harry's current predicament, she's pleased when he vows to stand by his son, even if he is guilty of causing the crash. Breda encourages Tony to find Harry and bring him home.

Meanwhile, with James and Harry's relationship at another crisis point, Marnie urges her son to fight for Harry if he loves him. Will James take her advice?

8. Breda starts to target Darren

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Tony isn't the only Hollyoaks legend who Breda has her eye on. Next week's episodes see Breda dismayed when she hears that Darren has been neglecting his fatherly duties for several days.

When Breda catches Darren on the way back from Damon's stag party, she vows to herself that she'll be keeping a very close eye on him. Run, Darren, run!

9. Prince considers asking Peri out

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As the Tom's Turtles summer camp kicks off, the big story is the obvious romantic chemistry between Peri and Prince while they work together as camp leaders. Strict Tom is quick to remind the pair that they should be focusing on the job, but Prince quits when his overbearing behaviour becomes too much.

Prince's abrupt departure from camp hurts Peri's feelings and he later ends up working at Price Slice for the summer instead. Walter and Lisa encourage Prince to ask Peri on a date, but it doesn't go well. Not backing down, matchmaking Walter lets Peri know how much Prince likes her – how will she respond?

10. Laurie's fate is revealed

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There's good news for all of the villagers who were affected by Laurie's reign of terror, as Diane receives news that he has decided to plead guilty. This means that there won't be a trial and he'll soon be sentenced.

As anyone who watched Hollyoaks' recent summer trailer will know, these scenes are building up to a final chapter of Laurie's storyline further on down the line, as he'll be crossing paths with Finn in a prison van later in the summer.

11. Levi's suspicions grow over Maxine

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As Dr Levi remains fixated on Maxine's case, he approaches her over a new treatment which could help with her "mystery illness".

Levi gives Maxine two pills to take that will help with her "constant pain" – and he's shocked when she actually takes them, without knowing what they are. Levi can't believe how reckless she's being and Maxine rushes out of his office, leaving her crutches behind.

With Damon still oblivious to Maxine's deception, he struggles to contain his emotions at his stag party and confides in Brody. Meanwhile, when Maxine heads to her hen party, she arrives to find the girls all in tears. Are Maxine's lies spiralling out of control?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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