2027 Jeep Renegade EV Confirmed, Will Be Priced under $25K

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Confirmed: 2027 Jeep Renegade EV Priced under $25KJeep
  • The Jeep Renegade will return in 2027 with an electric powertrain and a starting under $25,000.

  • Jeep will also launch a new generation of the Compass as well as refresh the rest of its gas-powered lineup

  • Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa today confirmed the news as part of a presentation to investors.

After killing off the Renegade subcompact SUV in 2023, Jeep has decided to bring the nameplate back in 2027, only reincarnated as an EV. Outside of an official name and segment, the 2027 Renegade EV will be a new model that has little in common with its gas-fed predecessor. Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa today confirmed the news of the Renegade's return in a presentation to investors.

Gas-powered and hybrid powertrains haven't been ruled out, but Filosa only confirmed an electric version. The next-gen Renegade will carry a starting price under $25,000, according to Jeep, though it is currently unclear if that figure includes potential tax credits.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares also spoke today at the event, saying the company will need to produce lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries to reach the $25,000 price point in the United States. As things stand right now, neither Jeep nor its parent company Stellantis can produce the cheaper LFP batteries in the U.S., suggesting that earning the federal tax credits could be a production hurdle.

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Expanding Jeep Lineup

The reintroduction of the Renegade won't be the only change to Jeep's lineup in the coming years. The 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S is slated to launch by the end of this year as the brand's first EV, with the Wrangler-sized Recon scheduled to follow in the closing months of 2024. Filosa also announced a new generation of the Compass will launch by the end of 2027. The current Compass features a 200-hp turbo four and standard all-wheel drive, though a new generation could see the addition of Jeep's 4xe plug-in-hybrid powertrain.

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Car and Driver

Next year, there will be another two product launches. One Jeep will be built on the STLA Large platform, while the other will be built on the STLA Medium platform. We think the recently confirmed return of the Cherokee is the most likely candidate to be built on the Medium. As for the Large model, we think that slot could be filled by 4xe versions of the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer full-size SUVs. Filosa referred to the powertrains as "range-extender" setups at a meeting back in May, making us think they will share a setup with the 2025 Ramcharger plug-in-hybrid pickup.

Jeep's production graphics shown today to investors also appeared to reveal refreshed versions of the Wrangler, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, and Wagoneer lineups by 2027, all but confirming production documents that were leaked last year.

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