3-Year-Old Gives Big Brother a Helping Hand at the Dentist

A comforting hand from his little brother was all it took for Caua, a junior football player from Brazil, to carry on when faced by the challenge of a scary dentist’s chair.

Footage recorded by the boys’ dad, Gustavo Faria Correa, shows Caua in the chair to get a tooth pulled, and his brother Caio, aged three, holding his hand. The brothers stuck together, with Caio providing encouraging smiles and a thumbs up to his big brother.

In the caption Caua wrote: “It was my little brother who gave me strength and held my hand! And it will always be like this, me for him and he for me.”

Caua often posts pictures and video of himself and his brother on Instagram. They can be seen thanking their followers or having an old-fashioned tickle battle. Credit: Gustavo Faria Correa via Storyful

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