The 55 UK 2024 General Election candidates hoping to become Cambridgeshire MPs

The UK General Election is taking place on July 4 2024
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Councils across the UK have published their 'statements of persons nominated' on Friday (June 7). These are the official lists of candidates who will appear on the ballot at the 2024 General Election.

Voters across all eight Cambridgeshire Parliamentary Constituencies will take to the polls on July 4 after Rishi Sunak announced a general election in late May. A total of 55 candidates are appearing on different ballot papers across the county.

The Conservative Party, the Green Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats are each fielding candidates in every constituency. Reform UK is contesting every seat except Cambridge and the Workers Party of Britain has nominated candidates for several Cambridgeshire constituencies.

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Smaller parties including the Christian Peoples Alliance, the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, the Party of Women, Rebooting Democracy and the Social Democratic Party all have one candidate in the county. Many areas also have at least one person running as an independent.

CambridgeshireLive has put together full lists of candidates for each area below. You can see who is standing in your area. All parties are as listed on the statements of persons nominated.

Candidates in Cambridge:

  • Abu-Tayyem, Khalid (Workers Party of Britain)

  • Carmona, David (Independent)

  • Garrett, Keith (Rebooting Democracy)

  • Manning, Shane (The Conservative Party Candidate)

  • Nicmanis, Sarah (Green Party Candidate)

  • Payne, Cheney (Liberal Democrat)

  • Zeichner, Daniel ( Labour Party )

South Cambridgeshire

  • Carter-Chapman, Chris (The Conservative and Unionist Party)

  • Edwards, Harrison (Reform UK)

  • Fyfe, Miranda (Green Party)

  • Gordon, James Douglas Strachan (Independent)

  • Heylings, Pippa (Liberal Democrat)

  • Viner, Luke ( Labour Party )

Ely and East Cambridgeshire

  • Bayley, Robert (Social Democratic Party)

  • Cane, Charlotte Kathryn Bourne (Liberal Democrats)

  • Cogan, Andy (The Green Party)

  • Coogan, Ryan Ashley (Reform UK)

  • Frazer, Lucy (The Conservative Party Candidate)

  • Henry, Hoo-ray (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

  • McWilliams, Elizabeth Anne (Labour Party Candidate)

  • Monye, Obi (Independent)

  • Rawlins, Rob (Independent)

St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire

  • Browne, Anthony Howe (The Conservative Party Candidate)

  • Ferguson, Stephen William (Independent)

  • Fisher, Kathryn Rose Mercedes (The Green Party)

  • Lachlan, Guy (Reform UK)

  • Masters, Marianna (Labour Party)

  • Sollom, Ian Fraser (Liberal Democrats)

  • White, Bev (Party of Women)


  • Abraham, Chan Raj (Independent)

  • Argent, Mark Timothy (Liberal Democrat)

  • Bulat, Alex ( Labour Party )

  • Hunt, Georgie (The Green Party candidate)

  • Obese-Jecty, Ben (The Conservative Party Candidate)

  • Smith, Sarah (Reform UK)

North West Cambridgeshire

  • Carling, Sam (Labour Party)

  • Sidlow, James Alan (Reform UK)

  • Smith, Bridget (Liberal Democrat)

  • Tong, Elliot Alister (Green Party Candidate)

  • Vara, Shailesh Lakhman (The Conservative Party Candidate)

North East Cambridgeshire

  • Barclay, Steve (The Conservative Party Candidate)

  • Chalmers, David (Liberal Democrats)

  • Crawford, Andrew (The Green Party)

  • Hussain, Javeria (Labour Party)

  • Patrick, David Roy (Independent)

  • Payne, Clayton Maxwell (Workers Party of Britain)

  • Thornhill, Chris (Reform UK)


  • Bristow, Paul (Local Conservatives )

  • Day, Nicola (The Green Party)

  • Hussain, Amjad (Workers Party of Britain)

  • Khan, Zahid Ejaz (Independent)

  • Morris Sue (Reform UK)

  • Pakes, Andrew (Labour and Co-operative Party)

  • Rogers, Tom (Christian Peoples Alliance)

  • Sandford, Nick (Liberal Democrat)

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