6000 British tourists in Mexico face desperate scramble to get back before Sunday

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Up to 6,000 British tourists on holiday in Mexico are rushing to get home this weekend to avoid hotel quarantine.

Mexico, Georgia and the French overseas territories of La Reunion and Mayotte will join the red list from 4am on Sunday as part of the latest update to the Uk’s Covid travel system.

Frustration is mounting about the decision to turn Mexico red with just three days’ notice, with not enough seats for holidaymakers to return home ahead of the change.

To make matters worse, quarantine hotel costs are rising to “better reflect the increased costs involved”, according to the government.

From August 12 the rate for solo travellers will rise from £1,750 to £2,285 and additional adults sharing a room will see their bill hiked from £650 to £1,430.

Some passengers were mid-air on a British Airways flight to Cancun when the latest travel announcement was made.

Many families were onboard the flight that left London Gatwick at 11.25am on Wednesday.

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James Dean, 38, from Bournemouth, said he was shocked after spending £8,000 on a two-week holiday to Cancun with wife Rebecca and their four children.

“I’m gutted to be honest,” he told the Mirror.

“The kids have all been looking forward to it and there’s no way I’m going straight back but this just messes everything up.

“Don’t get me wrong, you know there’s a risk, but Mexico was never mentioned. They could have given us a week’s notice.

“I’m going have to pay for us all to go in to quarantine as well. I’m still digesting it. I’m just gobsmacked.”

Meanwhile others yet to begin their holidays are rushing to change their plans.

“Worked hard all year for my holiday to Mexico next month, for it to be put on the red list today,” one person tweeted.

Venting their frustration, another person said: “Moves holiday to Mexico, Mexico goes on red list. Moved it from Dominican to Mexico that went on the red list. What’s the point?”

Seven nations will be added to the quarantine-free green list on August 8, including Germany, Austria and Norway.

Fully-vaccinated travellers will be exempt from quarantine when returning from France, which has been removed from the amber plus list.

Spain has kept its place on the amber list, and India is among four countries being removed from the red list.

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