8 HUGE reality stars we totally forgot existed

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The likes of Megan McKenna, Marnie Simpson and Kim Kardashian wouldn't be where they are today if the small-screen stars of yesteryear hadn't made reality TV a thing.

Unfortunately, we doubt Kimmie ever bothers to call Maureen from Driving School or Jeremy from Airport to thank them for all the hard work they did back in the day. Such a shame.

But while today's reality royalty might not give a damn, we do at Digital Spy. Here, we take a look back at the reality stars we used to love – but have kind of forgotten about – who made it possible for shows like TOWIE and Keeping Up with the Kardashians to exist.


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Louise Thompson and Rosie Fortescue were pretty much Made in Chelsea extras when the show started. In the beginning, it was all about Caggie, her friendship with Millie Mackintosh, and her repeatedly knocking back a then-smitten Spencer Matthews.

Although she was the programme's leading lady, Caggie quit five years ago and has kept a relatively low-profile ever since.

Well... actually, she did try to launch a pop career at one point – but the less said about that the better.


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Before the days of Big Brother, reality TV fans got their fix via a BBC show called Airport.

While a number of famous faces appeared on the programme, it was series regular Jeremy that was the real star. Viewers loved him – so much so that he landed a book deal off the back of it.

But now, Jeremy's TV days are long behind him and his lovable, camp sense of humour is a foggy memory.

The former reality star kept a blog on his website about his radio and charity work, but it appeared to peter out in 2015. He's on Twitter, though: "Never mind The Man From Uncle, this is The Man From Airport…"


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Back in the nineties, Maureen was everyone's favourite reality star as she traumatised the road users of Cardiff on BBC One's Driving School.

From running over her poor hubby's foot to her life-threatening overtaking on dual carriageways, Maureen's terrifying driving fascinated the world. Even US star Jay Leno was a fan and jetted her over to the States to discuss her questionable motoring skills on his talk show.

After going on to release her own single, a cover of Madness's 'Driving in My Car', Maureen pretty much disappeared.

Whatever she's up to now, we hope she's not behind the wheel – in the nicest way possible.


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Do one, Brody Jenner. Justin Bobby was the real hot one from The Hills and when the show finished in 2010, the world was his oyster. Awkwardly though, he didn't give a shit.

Justin ditched fame when the series ended, and his not-so-loyal fans then ditched him (seriously, he's got under 1,500 followers on Twitter, compared to Lauren Conrad's 3.55 million).

Instead of sipping champagne and mingling with celebs like his former co-stars, Justin is now a hairdresser and only occasionally pops up in the public eye these days if there's an opportunity to trash The Hills. Nice...


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She was the nice one from Girls of the Playboy Mansion – but it looks like that act didn't do wonders for her career.

Unlike Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, who both went on to film their own individual reality shows, Bridget faded into the background after the late Hugh Hefner's E! series ended. In fact, if it weren't for the other two, we probably would have forgotten she existed. Soz Bridge.

But we honestly loved her at the time.


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Mel helped pave the way for reality TV when she starred in the first ever series of Big Brother back in 2000.

When the show finished, she was a household name. Fans couldn't get enough of the BB original – especially when she started dating fellow Big Brother star Alex Sibley (although they broke up three years later).

But despite loving the limelight and even attempting to host her own show on E4 called Chained, the nation lost interest in Mel pretty quickly.

Following her 15 minutes of fame, Mel returned to working in marketing before taking a career break to focus on bringing up her son Otis.


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Javine must kick herself for falling at the last hurdle in her bid to be part of Girls Aloud on Popstars: The Rivals.

Now, instead of helping Cheryl and Liam Payne to celebrate the birth of their first child, she's appearing in local pantomimes. Ouch.

At first she refused to accept she'd blown her chances in music, and decided it'd be a great idea to enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. She finished in 22nd place.


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James was a Geordie Shore original and one of the most popular cast members until he quit in 2012.

Although it's only been five years, so much has happened on the show since then that we've kind of forgotten all about him; including THAT fight with Gaz Beadle and him repeatedly rejecting the advances of Holly Hagan.

When James left, he explained he wanted to focus on his relationship with girlfriend Kate Thorne. Clearly he made the right decision as the couple are still together, which would be great news for fans except nobody remembers who they are.

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