Activists Stage 'Mass Trespass' at Stonehenge in Protest Over Planned Tunnel

Dozens of demonstrators staged a ‘mass trespass’ at the Stonehenge prehistoric monument in the English county of Wiltshire on December 5 in protest against plans to build a two-mile tunnel near the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Various groups took part in the protest, including local branches of Extinction Rebellion, an environmental activism organization. Footage from members of Extinction Rebellion Derby shows demonstrators singing and playing drums under the Stonehenge standing stones.

“Today we’re joining a mass trespass protest at Stonehenge to say we’re in a climate and ecological emergency so #NoNewRoads and #StopRIS2,” wrote Extinction Rebellion Derby on Facebook. “Roadbuilding increases traffic, carbon emissions, pollution and trashes valuable habitats and historical sites.”

According to local news reports, transport minister Andrew Stephenson had approved the plans on November 12 to build the tunnel, despite opposition from environmentalists and archaeologists. Credit: Extinction Rebellion Derby via Storyful