Actor Rob Schneider Surprises Customers at Phoenix Drive-Thru Ahead of Movie Release

Actor Rob Schneider served up chicken and free movie tickets behind the counter of a fast food restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 21 to promote his latest film.

Schneider delighted customers with antics at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, which features in a few scenes of his latest film, Daddy Daughter Trip. The movie was shot throughout Arizona and highlights several other local attractions and businesses, according to a press statement.

Video released by the drive-thru restaurant shows Schneider taking customers’ orders, signing autographs, and sampling some of the restaurant’s food.

Schneider also surprised fans with free movie passes to watch his latest project. He had a “blast” meeting customers at the restaurant, he said. Credit: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers via Storyful

Video transcript

- Uh, sure.

- What size is your lemonade?

- I'll take that.

- OK.


- So you can just plug in. You can go ahead and pay for this.

ROB SCHNEIDER: I was afraid you were going to say lemonade. Then I was going to have to get it out of that.

- Refill a cup.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Now we're good. Coming up. Nice lemonade coming up. Ice lemonade coming up. Oh, good. We're all good.


We're all good. All right, there you go. All right. I washed my hands yesterday. I'm all good. There we go. Ah, there you go. And a straw, please? Secret sauce straw, there you go.

- Thank you.

ROB SCHNEIDER: And we'll be right there with your combo.

- For here or to go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Oh, for here or to go?

- To go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: I was afraid of that, to go. So we got to put in a bag, right?

- Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: OK, no tray. Good. To go is good. And your name?

- Chante.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Chante, C-H-O-- thank you-- C-H or with an S-H?

- C-H.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Chante, like Shaquille O'Neal? Chan-- Chan--

- That's S.


- T-E.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Two E's, three E's, four E's?

- One.


- One.

ROB SCHNEIDER: One E. Just one?

- Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Like S-- C-H-A-N-T-E? Just one?

- Yeah.

ROB SCHNEIDER: The second one doesn't cost you any extra. OK, we're going to go with the one. OK, just waiting. OK, that's it? And to go, you said, right?

- Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: And we're done?

- Number 4, cafe.

- Yes.


- Yes. OK.


- And then we're going to go ahead and take the gift card.

ROB SCHNEIDER: We're going to take a gift card. Oh, thanks for coming. Good to see you.

- How are you?

ROB SCHNEIDER: Hi, how are you? You got a good hair day going today.

- What's up, man?

ROB SCHNEIDER: Good seeing you. You can do it. You can do it.

- Ace! Thanks, man.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Hey, could we get some-- get some pitch? Come on.

- Yeah.

- Hi, thanks for being here.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Nice. Oh, it's on video. I thought it was.

- Yeah.


Oscar! Oscar!


Oscar, come up here! I love it! You can eat it.



- For here or to go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: For to here-- to dine in or togo?

- Togo.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Togo. Togo. She'll get to go. And your name?

- Chanelle, however you want to spell it.

ROB SCHNEIDER: (SINGING) Chanelle, my belle--

- There you go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: --these-- oh, with a C-H?

- It's Michelle.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Oh. (SINGING) Chanelle, my belle, these are words that go to Chanelle.

That's beautiful. Two L's, right?

- Sure.

ROB SCHNEIDER: All right. And I'm going to give you a couple extra.

- There you go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: And done. And done. And then what?

- And then we're going to here.

ROB SCHNEIDER: We're going to go Cane-iac. And look at that.

- Paid it.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Look at that.

- Almost. Almost. Almost. Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Close check, and you got it.

- We get a--

- Extra ice.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Extra ice, yes.

- For sure.

ROB SCHNEIDER: This is it. Hang on.

Come on now. Get up here! I'm going to get ice. Hang on. We're going to get the scoop?

- No. No.


- There you go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: I knew this was difficult. All right. Ice because we live in the desert. Is that it?

- Yeah.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Too much? Too much?

- I gave her a refill with this.

ROB SCHNEIDER: I'll give her-- OK, over here? And both the same, fresh squeezed? It's coming. Thank you. I'll be right with you. I'll be right with you. Just wait for a second. OK, that's it. Acing it. OK. All right, that's the wrong cup. Wrong cup.

- OK.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Hang on. No problem. It's all coming. It's all good. It's all good. We're all good here. There we go. Keep it nice and clean, nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets hurt. Everybody walks away. Hang on. Just getting it all nice for you. OK. OK, all good. There you go. You take that.

- Thank you.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Here you go. Please, nobody order lemonade.

- For here or to go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Yes, to go.

- And your name.

ROB SCHNEIDER: And your name?

- Cameron.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Cameron. And your phone number?


Sorry, joke. Joking. Creepy. And Cameron. All right. All right.

- Hit OK.

ROB SCHNEIDER: And OK. Now I just put in exit. Dine in or to go?

- And that's to go.

ROB SCHNEIDER: To go, togo.

- OK. And then we're going to--

ROB SCHNEIDER: And then we're paying it?

- Then swipe this.


- The side, here.

ROB SCHNEIDER: That's $10.31.

- He's going to pay for it.

ROB SCHNEIDER: He's going to pay? Huh?

- It's his birthday! (SINGING) Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear-- wait. Wait for it-- Sterling.


Happy birthday to you.


Very good. Thank you. Happy birthday.

- All right.

- The difference here is, if they want a fountain drink, you just give them the cup.


- But if they want lemonade, we get their lemonade.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Oh, we get their lemonade, right out of there.

- Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: That seems like I have to turn around to do that.

- Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: I don't know if that works for me. All right.

- All right.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Every day is a good hair day for this guy, except for me. See, all gone. Used to have good hair.

- Thanks, man.

- Hey, Rob.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Hi, how are you?

- Desiree, from FOX 10.

- And so it's her napkin. I just--

ROB SCHNEIDER: All right. You can do it!

- One more time.

ROB SCHNEIDER: All right. Awesome. Ha ha! There you go. (SILLY VOICE) Here. Right there. Right there. Right there. Right there. Just in case anyone's confused.

Ha! Sorry. Hello, everybody. Hey!


All right! All right, tell ya. Chicken there. Chicken, chicken, which chicken are you combo picking? Is that right? Did I get it right? Combo picking, chicken fingers picking. OK, anyway. Where are we going? How are you doing, everybody? Good?

- Yeah!

ROB SCHNEIDER: You can't do it!

- Yeah!

ROB SCHNEIDER: Where is the chicken? Thanks for coming out, everybody. You guys see-- I hope you go and see my new movie, "Daddy Daughter Trip." It's about daddy, daughter, trip. It's real easy. Not confusing. Very easy for everybody. We're not trying to make confusing.


- How did my guests feel about this?

- All right, everyone look up here first. 3, 2, 1.

ROB SCHNEIDER: You can do it!

- Can we get one love? One love.

- One love.

- One love. Woo hoo!

- All right. Now you get one with everyone saying, you can do it. Everyone together on three. All right, ready? 3, 2, 1.

- You can do it!

ROB SCHNEIDER: Let's go, the last one. Last one. And I was hungry. Good. Mm, wonderful. Thank you.

- Do you eat the coleslaw or no?

- Eat that chicken.


- Do you eat the slaw or no? Do you--

ROB SCHNEIDER: I'm not a slaw guy.

- OK.

ROB SCHNEIDER: But I like to look at something green while I'm eating the chicken.

- Yeah, makes sense.

ROB SCHNEIDER: I look at it because it's so pretty. I go like-- I keep it here, and I go, oh, that's so nice. I'll give this to somebody else who eats slaw. But I like the idea. I like the idea of something green, but I'm not eating it. Mm, this is good. I always go for the four piece.

Let me sign some of these.

- All right. Yeah.

ROB SCHNEIDER: This is awesome. OK.

- So we have-- let's see.

- Yeah.

- These we combine, making the--

- I feel like they get it.

ROB SCHNEIDER: Mm-hmm. I got to sign that.


- All right. I got you. I work here [INAUDIBLE].

ROB SCHNEIDER: All right, that's awesome!

- Looks just like you. It's almost like--

ROB SCHNEIDER: They should change the uniforms to do this. That's cool, huh?


- Yes.

ROB SCHNEIDER: So it's pretty damn good. This is pointing towards where the chicken is, over there. All right.

- All righty.

ROB SCHNEIDER: OK. Hello, everybody.

- Hello.

- You do this before, right?