Adrian Lester used taekwondo skills for Renegade Nell's fight scenes

The actor told The One Show how he used his black belt training for the action-packed Disney+ show.

Renegade Nell (Disney+)
Adrian Lester did all his own fighting in Renegade Nell. (Disney+)

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Adrian Lester has said he took on all of his own fight scenes in Renegade Nell thanks to being a taekwondo black belt.

The actor stars in Sally Wainwright's new family series on Disney+ and told viewers of The One Show that they definitely wouldn't be watching a stunt double in any tricky fight scenes.

He also praised series writer Wainwright for creating a "fantastic" series that he warned was scary in places.

What, how and why?

Adrian Lester has more than a few fight scenes in Renegade Nell, thanks to playing one of the show's villains, the Earl of Poynton, who is out to try to steal lead character Nell's magical powers.

But the star told The One Show on Wednesday that he didn't have to rely on any stunt doubles in the Disney+ series as he is actually a black belt in taekwondo.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 26: Adrian Lester attends the World Premiere of
Adrian Lester stars in Renegade Nell. (Getty Images for Disney+)

Lester, who revealed that he has the title of master in the sport and even teaches classes in south-east London, was pleased to be able to make use of his martial arts skills.

He said: "I can confirm as much as insurance would allow, no spoilers but I did my own fight sequences."

Talking about why taekwondo rarely comes up in his acting roles, he said: "It's quite hard to get into other things - if you have a scene with someone in a bank, you can't say can I just kick them... It's been a hobby for years, it's something that keeps me fit."

Renegade Nell (Disney+)
Renegade Nell was written by Sally Wainwright and stars Louisa Harland. (Disney+)

Renegade Nell has been written by Sally Wainwright, who was behind such TV hits as Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax and Gentleman Jack.

Lester said of her new series: "It's the same skill, it's the same depth of character, everybody is three dimensional. Although it's on Disney, yes the kids will enjoy it, but it's for the whole family. It's got political intrigue, there's a lot of action and fight sequences. I have to warn you for little ones watching it, it does get a bit scary.

"Sally's skill to tie that all together into a cohesive story, it's fantastic."

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