Exclusive: Renegade Nell stars share finale scene that moved the “entire crew” to tears

Renegade Nell season 1 finale spoilers follow.

Renegade Nell actors Louisa Harland and Nick Mohammed have spoken about the final episode's most emotional scene, explaining that even though they weren't together on set, it still brought the leading lady to tears.

In the scene in question, Nell makes a big sacrifice to stop the Earl of Poynton (Adrian Lester) and save Thomas Blancheford (Jake Dunn). They do so knowing that she could die, and they could potentially lose Billy Blind as well.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Mohammed explained: "Well, we didn't work on it together, because all our scenes were filmed months apart. We were never in the same room together."

louisa harland, renegade nell

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Harland added: "But that particular scene, because I knew how important it was, I asked Nick if he could record those lines for me. And then on the day that we were filming it – because often I would just imagine the lines in my head — they put it on the speaker, and then I burst into tears...

"And it wasn't just me as well. The entire crew were so moved and teary-eyed, because we filmed eight episodes over the course of a year – a really long shoot. And to hear Billy's voice in the room, especially when filming that scene, it was really special."

Mohammed also explained he had footage of Harland's performance available to watch in order to aid his performance, which is pretty standard, but the team also went one step beyond.

nick mohammed, the ballad of renegade nell

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"They'd built this robotic arm that could mimic her finger movement, because I'm meant to be [tiny], holding onto her finger," he said.

"So I held onto this Bucking Bronco thing."

Renegade Nell is available to stream on Disney+.

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