The Adventure of Freddy Four Legs, the Half-Spider Who Lives a Full Life

Freddy Four Legs is a huntsman spider rescued by an entomology enthusiast in Torbanlea, Queensland, on April 22. Despite missing half his limbs, he is living a pretty sweet life thanks to his rescuer.

Uploader Lisa Van Kula Donovan said huntsman spiders could usually regenerate lost limbs during moulting periods but Freddy, who she found on her porch, was probably too old to moult again.

“I’ll give him a nice, easy life for however much longer he has,” Donovan said.

Since the end of April, Freddy has learned to adapt to his limited mobility, managing to climb down a water dish and scuttle across a piece of cloth for food. Although certain spider instincts remained intact, Donovan said Freddy lacked the ability to defend himself, and could fall prey to crickets, which spiders typically hunt. Credit: Wannabe Entomologist via Storyful