New 'AHS' trailer features Kim Kardashian & Emma Roberts kissing scene

Emma Robers and Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story: Delicate
Emma Robers and Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story: Delicate

American Horror Story is back next month with new episodes — and a kiss between Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian…?

The trailer for the second half of the latest entry into the long-running anthology series, Delicate, dropped this week. And in typical AHS fashion, it raised a number of questions, such as: “Wow, this season is still going?” “What the f**k is the plot of this show?” and, specifically regarding an unexpected kiss shared between Kardashian and Roberts’ characters, “Huh?”

For those who fell off on AHS at some point in the past 13 years it’s been on the air, Delicate follows actress Anna Alcott (Roberts) as she undergoes IVF to get pregnant while also juggling her career. Only, she begins to suspect someone is trying to sabotage her attempts to start a family. Kardashian plays Alcott’s friend and publicist, Siobhan.

As for why the two are kissing? Honestly, it sounds as if it’s anyone’s best guess. There isn't much more context to the clip, other than that the trailer immediately cuts to a different clip of Roberts screaming in horror, which some cynical fans might suggest sums up how Ryan Murphy seems to feel about lesbians. But AHS has long put style ahead of substance, and by the look of the trailer, that hasn’t changed, even though this is the first season to be adapted from a book (Danielle Valentine’s Delicate Condition) rather than hit our screens as an original story.

I guess true equality is having random sapphic kissing on TV the same way we are perpetually subjected to random hetero kissing on TV. Or, who knows, maybe we’re all being too harsh and this will actually be a deeply integral part of the plot. Right? Maybe? Yeah, okay.

Anyway, here’s the full trailer:

American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two | Official Trailer - Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian | FX