Airbus 'Son Of Concorde' To Fly London To NYC In Three Hours At 1,200mph


A new supersonic jet could be flying commercial passengers as soon as 2023.

Plane manufacturers Airbus and Aerion are going ahead with the production of the AS2 jet - dubbed the ‘son of Concorde’.

The AS2 is projected to fly from New York to London in three hours and Tokyo to Los Angeles in six, MailOnline reports.

Airbus senior vice president Ken McKenzie said: ‘We see clear and achievable technical solutions to the design of a supersonic jet, and a realistic road map for helping Aerion proceed toward construction and flight.’


The AS2′s luxury cabin with space for 12 passengers (Picture: Rex)

Airbus and Aerion are currently looking for a manufacturing site in the United States with test flights penciled in for 2021.

The jets top speed is planned to be 1,217 mph, just short of Concorde’s top speed of 1,350 mph.

US aviation law will require the AS2 to fly at lower speeds over land as no civilian planes can break the sound barrier of 750mph due to the noise the sonic boom creates.


The AS2 will reach speeds over 1,200mph (Picture: Rex)

Concorde was retired by British Airways in 2003 - signalling the temporary end of supersonic passenger flight after 27 years of service.

The majority of long-haul passenger jets fly at a cruising speed between 560mph and 480mph.

Sadly, we’re guessing the price of a ticket on the AS2 might be a tad on the pricey side.


Concorde landing (Picture: Rex)

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