Alan Carr 'on the mend' as he reveals cause of stage collapse

Alan Carr has thanked fans for their well wishes and reassured them he is on the mend. (Getty Images)
Alan Carr has thanked fans for their well wishes and reassured them he is on the mend. (Getty Images)

Alan Carr has reassured fans he is "on the mend" revealing a torn calf muscle caused his recent stage collapse.

The 46-year-old Chatty Man star fell during a recent live stand-up performance in Glasgow after doing a high-kick and suffering shooting pains in his leg.

Carr shared a picture of himself on stage supported by a crutch and said: "I’m just doing a post because people keep asking (sweetly) if I’m ok and just so you know my torn calf is on the mend."

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He added: "It’s still sore and I’m still limping but it could have been a lot worse. Phew! Thanks for all your lovely comments and kind wishes - it really cheered me up."

Some audience members had originally believed Carr's collapse to be part of the act, and he finished the set supported on a crutch his tour manager pushed through the curtain onto the stage.

Carr explained in a video on Instagram after the gig: "I've been performing up in Glasgow and there's a bit in my routine where I pretend to be Jason Statham and I high-kicked, and then I got the worst cramp ever.

"Oh my God! It was shooting pains and I was rolling around on the floor, and people thought it was part of the act."

He added he had taken pain relief and was feeling 'healed'.

Alan Carr during filming for the Graham Norton Show in 2021
Alan Carr revealed he tore his calf muscle on stage in Glasgow. (PA)

Carr concluded by saying: "I've never felt pain like it, but I will soldier on as I always do."

The chat show host and comic is currently on his Regional Trinket tour of Europe, some of which was pushed back from 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He is taking a break for the summer and is next due to perform on 2 September in Cardiff.

Carr announced his separation from husband Paul Drayton in January 2022.

Carr and Drayton dated for around 10 years before tying the knot in 2018 in singer Adele’s back garden.

The couple announced in a joint statement : "After 13 years as a couple and three years of marriage, Alan Carr and Paul Drayton would like to announce they are separating.

Alan Carr and estranged husband Paul Drayton
Alan Carr split from husband Paul Drayton earlier this year. (Getty Images)

"They have jointly and amicably made the difficult decision to divorce and go their separate ways. We request that their privacy is respected at this sensitive time."

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Drayton, who has struggled with addiction over the years, announced on Instagram that he was checking into rehab shortly after the split.

Carr said earlier this year that he and Drayton will always be friends.

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