Alan Ritchson Explains Why He’s Not So Eager To Do A Marvel Movie

 Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher.
Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher.

Amid recent debates regarding the quality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the massive entertainment franchise remains a major entity within the pop culture zeitgeist. Disney’s superhero IP features a wide range of characters and has managed to tap a wide range of actors to play them. Of course, there are plenty of stars who’ve yet to appear in an MCU production. Alan Ritchson is surprisingly part of that group, and some fans may be eager to see that change for him. However, Ritchson himself just revealed why he’s not so eager to join the ever-expanding series of movies and TV shows.

Few would probably dispute the notion that Alan Ritchson is perfect for a superhero role. In fact, he’s played one on multiple occasions, as he’s portrayed iterations of DC characters Aquaman and Hawk. Now that he’s no longer doing work associated with that comic book banner, one might be tempted to assume he’d be open to joining the MCU. That’s not the case, based on sentiments that the 41-year-old star shared with GQ for a profile piece. Not only did he reveal that the vast array of Marvel movies make him “yawn,” but he also revealed what he wants instead:

Like everybody else, I sit back and yawn at Marvel movies regurgitating comic book stories that we’ve seen a thousand times because they’re the only way studios feel like they can make money. I want to be a solution; I want to do something about it. So I’m using every bit of leverage that I have to create new, compelling stories. That’s my mission.

Some of the veteran actor’s comments do indeed echo sentiments shared by others, who have become somewhat disillusioned with the heavy volume of superhero stories being told on the big screen. Audiences may have varied opinions regarding whether the flicks are truly repetitive. Yet what most may be able to agree with is the notion that said films continue to dominate the cultural landscape. That seems to be why the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is opting to deliver different kinds of fare to audiences instead.

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Alan Ritchson in a press photo as Jack Reacher.
Alan Ritchson in a press photo as Jack Reacher.

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What should be pointed out here is that these comments come at an interesting time for Alan Ritchson, who recently addressed Batman casting rumors. During an interview with THR that dropped earlier this month, he declared that he would “love” to play the Dark Knight. It can’t be said for sure why the opportunity to star in an upcoming DC movie would delight him despite his aims to move away from comic book-based tales. Then again, it may just come down to him holding a soft spot for the Caped Crusader.

He may not have that gig in the DCU at the moment, but he’s certainly keeping busy in other respects. His main gig sees him playing the eponymous role on Prime Video’s Reacher and, per his recent comments, Alan Ritchson is hoping to play the role for as long as he can. He’s collaborating with the streamer and Arnold Schwarzenegger for the holiday film The Man with the Bag. On top of all that, it’s likely he’ll reprise his role as Aimes in the Fast X sequel.

Given all of that, I’m not even sure the actor would have time to star in an MCU film if he desired. Confirmation of his disinterest may be disappointing to those who’ve been eager to see him join the superhero sandbox. But, of course, he’s more than entitled to his stance and can certainly take on the work that speaks to him. Also, who knows, there might be a chance that down the line, Marvel’s Kevin Feige and co. reach out with a part that truly grabs him.

You can see Alan Ritchson on the big screen once more when The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare opens in theaters on April 19 as part of the 2024 movie schedule. Those who dig the MCU movies can also stream those using a Disney+ subscription.