Tile company fires employee named in Amanda Holden's furious Instagram post

Amanda Holden attends the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards, 2018. (Wiktor Szymanowicz / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The employee of a tile company who accused Amanda Holden of expecting celebrity treatment over a wrong order has been fired.

Holden, 48, took to Instagram and Twitter yesterday to vent her fury over the situation after she said she'd been sent the wrong tiles.

The Britain's Got Talent judge posted images of an exchange she shared with an employee of the tile company named "Jack".

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Through the customer service app, the employee had sent Holden a message saying they did not "make exception for "celebrity" status" but Holden denied asking for anything "special" as she shared the images to her social platforms.

Holden’s post also made reference to Jack in particular as she shared: “‘Jack’ needs to learn some people skills and have a glance at the Oxford English dictionary...”

Now, the company has revealed that Jack has been fired from his position and confirmed that Holden had been “fully refunded within one hour of the issue arising”.

Appleby's Tiles told the Express: “1. We will refund the tiles in full and arrange collection of the wrong tiles.

Embargoed to 0001 Monday August 19 File photo dated 18/01/17 of Amanda Holden who has won the Rear Of The Year Award, leaving competition from "fake" bottoms behind.

“2. We will arrange an exchange for the correct tiles and out of courtesy refund the postage costs due to the error. However Amanda’s representative wanted us to exchange the tiles for the correct ones and refund the full amount as compensation for the error (i.e provide the tiles free of charge) for which we declined and again offered the two options above.”

They added: “In addition to this, we have made the decision to let Jack go based on his comments regarding status. We will be providing no further details in relation to this.”

Yahoo has contacted a representative of Holden for comment.

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