An Amazon driver appeared to urinate at the bottom of a customer's drive

An Amazon driver appeared to urinate at the bottom of a customer's drive despite the retail giant claiming workers can "take breaks at their discretion". Drivers have long complained they don't have enough time or opportunity to take toilet breaks without impacting delivery expectations. Les Watson, 54, and Emma Marsden, 44, had an eye on their CCTV camera as they waited for their Amazon delivery on Tuesday evening (Feb28). But after the van pulled up they noticed the driver on the ground and became worried she was hurt. After receiving their new hair trimmer they went back to the footage and saw the driver appeared to be taking a sneaky wee beside her van. And there was still a puddle in their drive. Emma said: "We had a really good laugh about it later but to be honest we're still pretty shocked. "I mean it's disgusting. She just hands over our parcel. "It was his parcel anyway, but I made sure he opened it and washed his hands. "You can see everything, and anyone walking by could easily have seen it too. "I mean I feel for her being so desperate but surely she can carry a camping loo or something, or go to a pub or whatever to use the loo." Emma and builder Les, from Loughton Essex, always have their CCTV on for security they said. Emma phoned Amazon to make a complaint, she said, but said she gave up when she was told to use an online form. It has been previously reported Amazon drivers were urinating in containers in their vans during long shifts due to time pressures. The Guardian reported in 2021 drivers said they were contacted by bosses if they stopped for more than three minutes and weren't allowed to return undelivered items at the end of the day. Amazon spokesperson said: “We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers. We will contact the customer to apologise for the experience and make this right.” "We are committed to ensuring that the people contracted by our independent delivery providers are fairly compensated and are treated with respect, and this is reflected by the positive feedback we receive from drivers every day. "We work to set realistic performance expectations that do not place undue pressure on our partners or their drivers. "We use sophisticated technology to plan delivery routes to ensure that drivers aren’t receiving and driving with too many packages. "Drivers deliver at their own pace and take breaks at their discretion and this is clearly communicated during training. "They also have a number of ways to share comments, including escalating any challenges to Amazon through a 24/7 hotline, which works quickly to investigate any concerns.”