Amazon worker dies at Las Vegas facility

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<p>An Amazon facility in Las Vegas, Nevada</p> (AFP via Getty)

An Amazon facility in Las Vegas, Nevada

(AFP via Getty)

An Amazon worker died at a facility in Las Vegas after falling from within the building, according to police.

A spokesperson for the North Las Vegas Police Department told NBC News that officers arrived at the facility around 7am on Monday, and found the man had died.

He was said to have "fallen or jumped", police said.

Amazon employees reportedly turned-up to the facility on Monday morning and found first responders already at the scene.

Workers who spoke to NBC News said they were still working at the facility until 9.40am, when they were sent home with pay, and offered counselling.

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"Nobody knew what was going on," said an employee. "Everyone was so confused."

She added: “That really upsets me, the managers knew what was going on and were going to the area but didn't send us home immediately.”

Night shift workers at the Amazon facility — the firm’s largest fulfilment centre in Nevada — were also told to stay at home on Monday with pay, NBC News reported.

A spokesperson for Amazon, Lisa Levandowski, said in a statement to NBC News that the company was “deeply saddened by this tragic incident.”

“Their family and loved ones are in our thoughts, and we're supporting our employees during this difficult time," the spokesperson added.

The death follows attempts by Amazon employees in Alabama to form a union, amid criticism at the firm’s handling of working conditions during Covid-19.

US president Joe Biden appeared to support the action in a tweet on Monday, although he avoided mentioning Amazon — whose profits have soared during the pandemic — by name.

Bernie Sanders, the senator for Vermont, added on Monday that the move by Amazon workers in Alabama could pave the way for similar labour unions elsewhere.

If successful, it would be the first union formed by employees at an Amazon warehouse in the US, where the firm has been resistant to unions.

Amazon have been approached by the Independent for comment.

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