Americans can go on a Brexit holiday tour for £4,600 that doesn’t leave London

We’re all going on a… Brexit holiday.

Doesn’t sound that exciting, does it?

But, believe it or not, such a thing now exists, thanks to the New York Times.

The newspaper is offering its readers a trip to Britain to explore why the country voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Well, when it says ‘Britain’, what it really means is London (the six-day tour doesn’t leave the English capital, which is ironic given most people in the city voted to remain), and when it says ‘offering’, what it really means is selling at the rather eye-opening price of £4,600.

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The New York Times trip is part of its Journeys travel section, and has the catchy tour title of ‘Brexit means Brexit!’

It vows to provide travellers with the chance ‘to discuss Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the financial, legal and social implications for Britain, Europe and the world’.

Guests will be accompanied on the tour by the paper’s London bureau chief, Steve Erlanger.

They will get to experience ‘a typical pub lunch and a pint at a local pub frequented by members of parliament’, as well as a trip for afternoon tea.

Each of the six days comes with its own theme, from ‘foreign affairs’ to ‘legal implications’.

The advert for the trip states: ‘The 2016 referendum on the European Union divided the United Kingdom and split traditional political allegiances, as the British population decided, after more than 40 years, to leave.

‘It is still unclear what Brexit will ultimately mean for the UK, politically and economically. On this six-day journey to London with New York Times experts, examine the historic implications of a historic vote.’

Visitors will take a walking tour of Westminster with a history graduate from the London School of Economics and travel to the City of London to examine Brexit’s financial implications.

The tour will run in October 2017 and in April and October 2018, and guests will stay in St Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster.

(Picture: AP)