Andrew Marr viewers react as presenter signs off final BBC show with Anchorman quote

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BBC viewers have reacted after Andrew Marr signed off from his politics show with an Anchorman quote.

The broadcaster has left the channel after more than two decades of presenting.

At the end of his final appearance on Sunday (19 December), Marr said: “That it is, all over, I have been so lucky and so privileged to share so many Sunday mornings with you.”

He then added: “I have been wondering how to close this final show, but I can’t do better than quoting my great mentor: “You stay classy, San Diego.”

Marr’s words were a reference to a quote from Will Ferrell’s 2004 comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which is directed by Adam McKay. In the film, Burgundy is a hapless news reporter.

Viewers couldn’t believe their ears, and reacted with elation on social media.

“Andrew Marr closes his final episode with “You stay classy, San Diego.” Which I’m not going to pretend I didn’t love,” one viewer wrote.

Andrew Marr brought his two-decade BBC career to an end with an ‘Anchorman’ quote (BBC)
Andrew Marr brought his two-decade BBC career to an end with an ‘Anchorman’ quote (BBC)

“What a sign off by Andrew Marr,” another added, with one viewer stating: “Love Andrew Marr‘s sign-off from his very last BBC show.”

Many questioned if they had heard right and Marr had indeed signed off with an Anchorman quote.

Marr has hosted his own show on the BBC for 16 years.

Speaking about his decision to leave the channel, Marr, who announced the news in November 2021, said: ”I think British politics and public life are going to go through an even more turbulent decade, and as I’ve said, I am keen to get my own voice back.”

He continued: “I have been doing the Andrew Marr show every Sunday morning for 16 years now and that is probably more than enough time for anybody!”

Marr is joining the Global news network where he will “write and present political and cultural shows”.

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