Ant Middleton is moving to Australia because UK is ‘too pretentious’

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<p>Mr Middleton lost his job when four women said he made “lewd and suggestive comments”</p> (Getty Images)

Mr Middleton lost his job when four women said he made “lewd and suggestive comments”

(Getty Images)

Ant Middleton has announced he is moving to Australia so that he can “be himself” after being sacked from his TV show for allegedly making lewd and inappropriate comments to women.

The former host of adventure show SAS Who Dares Wins said the UK is “too pretentious” for him and “a bit too PC”.

He lost his job on the Channel 4 show when four women told broadcasting union Bectu he made “lewd and suggestive comments” to them while working on set, The Mirror reports.

Mr Middleton, 40, dismissed his comments at the time as “banter” and “military humour”.

Speaking about his move while filming an Australian version of the show, he said: “I feel like I fit in here.

“That’s very strange being the person that I am. I don’t know whether the UK is a bit pretentious for me, a bit too PC for me, where I can’t be myself.

“I have to suppress a part of me to fit in, which I don’t like doing and I won’t do as you’ve probably seen but here you’ve got that balance that right.”

He added: “I’ve got a great connection with Australia. My wife also loves Australia.

“She did a gap year out here when she was young. She’s always said, ‘Let’s move to Australia’, So when SAS Australia came up, I was like, ‘Let’s see the layout, let’s see how it goes’.

“We’ve sort of made a decision to move out here next year.”

Following the string of accusations against him, Mr Middleton lashed out and said he had been subjected to a “witch hunt” and complained that the so-called “woke patrol” had “taken over the show”.

Channel 4 previously said it “will not be working with him again” after the complaints against him surfaced.

Mr Middleton said at the time: “They’ve seen a bit of military humour... and they really felt offended.”

After being told crew members had gone to Bectu, a spokesman for Mr Middleton said he “emphatically rejects” the allegations.

He added: “Ant has never at any point been accused of speaking inappropriately by anyone.”

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